Business Loans Reno, NV

Securing Business Loans: An Information Guide for Reno Businesses At the core, a loan is a simple enough concept: A lender temporarily gives you money in exchange for the promise to repay the amount with some interest. They’re so common that most people understand the general mechanics of getting a loan, but it never hurts […]

Understanding a Business Line of Credit and Tips on How to Get One

If you own a small business, chances are you have probably experienced a shortage of cash at some point. A fluctuating economy, growing payroll, unexpected expenses or dramatic drop in sales can all cause a small business owner to worry about having enough cash ready on hand to keep everything running smoothly. Similar in concept […]

Alternatives to Bankruptcy – for Business Owners with Large Debts

1 Minute Summary: For a business with pressing debt loads, there may be alternatives to bankruptcy that will allow either asset liquidation, sale of the business or debt negotiations to settle creditor claims.  There can be advantages to avoiding bankruptcy court in some instances, and depending on the business form used and the goals of […]

How to Convince Suppliers That You Are Credit Worthy- For New Businesses

New businesses looking to establish relationships with suppliers may face some challenges to obtain credit.  It is a common practice for suppliers of goods or materials to extend credit to a business, understanding that manufacturing and sales takes time.  An arrangement of shipping supplies with payment due 30-90 days ‘net’ is one way for a […]